Rob Ronzone

Rob Ronzone – Financial Services Executive

A San Rafael, California, financial services representative, Rob Ronzone, has been in this industry since 2004. Presently, Rob Ronzone is a managing director for First Republic / JP Morgan in San Francisco.

Mr. Ronzone’s career in financial services began with his being hired by SPR Consulting, where he was a real estate development analyst. In this role, he gathered information from city managers, finance directors, county managers, and real estate developers. In 2007, he was also a real estate loan originator and sales agent for Bridgeline Capital Group, where he consulted with clients on the mortgage industry, the loan process, and rehabilitating one’s credit.

By 2008, Mr. Ronzone began with First Republic Bank, where he is involved in assisting clients with their Real Estate Finance needs, both residential and commercial. He also works in the areas of deposit services and wealth management. In this role, he has also attained a lot of underwriting, property inspection, and client consultation experience.

Outside of his work at First Republic Bank, he is very involved with the San Rafael community, where he is a soccer coach for youth sports. He also coaches Little League sports and is a girls’ softball coach.

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Rob Ronzone
San Rafael, CA US